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Beta Features Mod's aim is to add some unused/beta-related content back to the game. The two main sources for the beta content are the leaked PS2 prototype and the PC version's game files, which are full of beta contents, too. Differently from Gordon CMB's Restoration mod which is based on deleted plot points and mission parts, my mod is exclusively based upon beta stuff like models, music, movies, etc.

What's included

  • Beta Homer model in the main menu found in the game files
    This a beta model, seen in the early cutscenes by IGN and in the beta intro form the ps2 prototype. There's an unused level 4 Simpsons house gag in the game files
    which uses a similar model.
  • Level 1 unused "Stone Cutter Spoof" Music outside of the tunnel
    In the PS2 prototype, the song "stone_cutter_spoof", which is present but unused in the PC version, plays outside and in the first part of the tunnel. I managed
    to add it back in level 1.
  • Level 7 unused Kwik-e-Mart rooftop music "Scary Music 01"
    This was meant to play on the top of the Kwik-E-Mart in level 7, in the place of the oasis song from levels 1-4.

What will be added (maybe)

  • Other beta movies
    I've tried to add the beta cutscene from the proto, but i couldn't load it. The game crahses. I couldn't find more polish clips on the web for the other ones.

Update: The winner of the poll is.. Beta Missions! I will add them as soon as I can.

Here are some screenshots:

The beta Homer model in the menu.

The unused gag in level 4.

Danny - Mod idea, developer
Homer - Developing help, i'd never have made it without him.

Amazing. I'm looking forwards to more beta-related stuff.
I have some clearer projects for this mod:
  • I'm trying to add more beta stuff too, partially from the early PS2 leaked prototype, but i don't know if the files can be read by the pc version. Specifically, i'm trying to replace l1_music.rms to get the unused "stone cutter spoof" track to play outside of the tunnel in level 1, and the banjo_main rsd, that according to TCRF is differnet form the pc one. I tried to open the rsd with the rsd converter but it looks like it can't be read by it. Any way to convert the files and make them usable in the pc version' I'm also trying to replace the movies with beta ones, and i think this will work at 99%.
  • I'll ad an option to include/not include mouth interior in the model (i've watched the beta intro and it seems not to have mouth interior, but since i've managed to add them..).
Nice. As for adding stone_cutter_spoof to level 1, Gordon CMB managed to do it.
Regarding movies, i've managed to replace the beta level 1 intro seen in the prototype, but i can't find the other beta clips(intro, folwers by irene) by ign because they're low quality and with the ign logo. WIth the teeth/no teeth setting i think i can't do anything because it requires LUA scripting, and i really don't know how to use it. Finally, regarding the l1_music.rms the game crashes at boot. I shall try to replace the file other way.
Checked online. The only beta Flowers By Irene cutscene available is the one that you found.
The RMS isn't actually the issue in the case of Stonecutter Spoof.
If you want to fix this yourself, search for "stonecutters" in L1_TERRA.P3D for both the prototype and the final game. You'll find a number of locators. Replace the locators from the final game with the locators from the prototype, and Stonecutter Spoof will play. Unfortunately, this doesn't work properly based on my testing, as it causes music transitions in that area to behave in odd ways.

Spoiler: Locator list, bloats post otherwise.

  • stonecutters_tunnel_in
  • stonecutters_tunnel_out_1
  • stonecutters_hall_in
  • stonecutters_hall_out
  • stonecutters_tunnel_in_2
  • stonecutters_tunnel_in
  • stonecutters_tunnel_out_1
  • stonecutters_hall_in
  • stonecutters_hall_out
Well, now the game crashes everything i try to get in level 1.
What exactly did you do?
I copied and replaced the locators from beta to final. I removed the rms from the custom files as It caused the game to crash.
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