Cops: In Springfield - Official Release (1.03)

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It's a race to get Fat Tony behind bars after thousands of dollars are stolen from the Police Station. And it looks like everything is left up to Springfield's Lamest - Chief Wiggum.

Spoiler: Screenshots

Cops: In Springfield is by far my most ambitious mod yet, so I'm really glad to be sharing it with you all here today! Of course, it would never have been possible without the work of these lovely people:

  • Kenny Giles
  • DoctorBison
  • Max Walker
  • Sparrow
  • AskJT

Voice Actors
  • Loren Goodwin
  • AskJT

Special Thanks
  • DoctorBison (Fat Tony Model, Dr. Dolittle Model, and other various models)
  • Loren Goodwin (Various help)
  • Donut Team (Legs Model, Martin Model)

Also, since you might not be able to see the newspapers ingame because of fast load times, I've included them both here as well:

Spoiler: Newspapers


  • Version 1.03
    • Fixed the 'No Copyrighted Music' setting.
  • Version 1.02
    • Improved the LBSC interior by adding more notable features to help with navigation.
    • Made the LBSC play the correct jingle upon entering.
    • Added a space to 'Donut Team' in the credits.
    • Changed various mission text to be more specific.
    • Added a timer to M3 to prevent players being able to cheese the Quimby destruction stage by ground pounding his car.
  • Version 1.01
    • Added a setting for disabling video textures.
    • Fixed the M5 medal not loading correctly (as it was immediately overwritten by the barricade streetrace prop)
    • Changed the gag count to match the amount of gags actually present.
    • Fixed a spacing error in the credits (sorry Jordan 😥)
    • Made it so that Fat Tony's AI doesn't mess up if you keep following him for too long
  • Version 1.0
    • Initial Release

Note: If you experience stuttering, please enable the 'Disable Video Textures' setting.

I really hope you enjoy this mod, as it's definitely been a long time in the making!
Damn, dude! Looking great.
Looking great!
Looks pretty good!
I've seen a few of your previews for this mod and it looks pretty cool. Funny how there are 2 police mods coming out at similar times!
Looks interesting, will check it out. Nice work Colou
[removed]1 year
If Hit and Run teaches you anything, it's that the cops in Springfield are useless,
i won't lie...You make amazing mods
Excited to see how this turns out, looks cool.
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