Cops: In Springfield - DEMO

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It's a race to get Fat Tony behind bars after thousands of dollars are stolen from the Police Station. And it looks like everything is left up to Springfield's Lamest - Chief Wiggum.


  • 8 brand new missions
  • New vehicles
  • New Costumes
  • New locations
  • And much more!


While the full mod isn't available yet, I've released a 4 mission demo here. What are you waiting for?

Alternative Link
Damn, dude! Looking great.
Looking great!
Looks pretty good!
I've seen a few of your previews for this mod and it looks pretty cool. Funny how there are 2 police mods coming out at similar times!
Looks interesting, will check it out. Nice work Colou
[removed]10 months
If Hit and Run teaches you anything, it's that the cops in Springfield are useless,
i won't lie...You make amazing mods
Excited to see how this turns out, looks cool.
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